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Accusers express validation at Attorney General's report

Among the responses to the report, Charlotte Bennett simply calls for Cuomo to resign.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — For months, Governor Andrew Cuomo urges the public to hold judgment on sexual harassment claims against him until the Attorney General's report was released.

But instead of exonerating the Governor, the report validated the claims of 11 women who accused him of inappropriately touching, kissing, and comments.

Several of the accusers spoke out either themselves or through an intermediary.

Ana Liss of Rochester, who according to the report was the focus of unwanted attention from the Governor including: "(kissing) her on the cheeks and hand, touched and held her hands, and slid his hand around her lower waist."

Today, Liss tweeted:

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Alyssa McGrath told investigators about an incident where Cuomo was "staring down her loose shirt and then commenting on her necklace which was inside her shirt."

According to the report, Virginia Limmiatis in May of 2017 was at an event with the Governor wearing a t-shirt with her company's name across the chest and when Cuomo approached "the Governor reached Ms. Limmiatis, he ran two fingers across her chest, pressing down on each of the letters as he did so and reading out the name of the (company).

McGrath and Limmiatis are both represented by attorney Mariann Meier Wang, who released a statement today that reads in part:

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A surprise in the Attorney general's report was that a state trooper in the Governor's security detail was inappropriately touched by Cuomo while the trooper was on duty.

That prompted this statement from the president of the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association president:

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Accuser Charlotte Bennett has publicly described accounts where the Governor asked her about her sex life and whether she would consider dating older men.

Bennett's tweet today was short and to the point:

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