BUFFALO, N.Y. – Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly and his family celebrated a special milestone this weekend.

Kelly’s oldest daughter, Erin, got married.

And Jim got to walk her down the aisle - a moment he wasn't sure he would experience when he was battling cancer a few years ago.

“I want to see my daughters grow up,” Kelly said in a 2014 interview with Scott Levin.

At the time, he was undergoing cancer treatment a second time, and future with his family wasn't a given.

"We'll see, time will only tell,” he said before a 2014 surgery.

During that time, his daughter Erin was a source of strength for him.

Then, in July 2016, Kelly was declared cancer-free.

Friday, Jill Kelly posted an emotional video on Instagram showing Jim and their daughter practicing their dance.

“Practicing the father daughter dance,” Jill Kelly can be heard saying in the background.

“While Jim was going through his cancer battle, he prayed daily to be able to live and walk his daughters down the aisle...if you prayed for Jim and our family during his battle - THANK YOU!" Jill Kelly wrote in her heartwarming post.

Jim posted this photo on Instagram Saturday evening during the ceremony:

So focused. 👍🙏💍❤️