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An ending partnership sends brides in a panic

What was supposed to be a beautiful day quickly turned into a stressful one.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — It was supposed to be a beautiful day for two brides looking forward to their big day, but one phone call quickly turned that around.

"There were tears shed on Monday, but life goes on," bride Brianna Sauciunac said. 

Another bride, bride Tracy Aeschbacher, added: "I'm losing my mind."

It came as a shock to many! Both Aeschbacher and Sauciunac had planned their dream wedding at Hotel Lafayette. Their coordinator, Pearl Street Catering, called them Monday, informing them the catering business is cutting ties with the hotel at the end of the year.

"My first concern was, 'Oh no. I made all of these plans. Now what?' " Sauciunac said.

She added, "She continued to tell us that we have the opportunity to see any other venues that we wanted under the Pearl Street umbrella."

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The business even offered a full refund. The general manager of Pearl Street, Bill Casale, sent 2 On Your Side a statement saying in part, "They were going to renew their lease but were unable to agree with the hotel. Their other locations are financially strong and will remain open."

They apologized for the inconvenience. 

But until they find a solution, the two brides will continue to do business with Pearl Street Catering, preparing for their big days in April and August.

"I'm trying to have this mindset of I can control what I can control and what I can't is out of my hands," Aeschbacher said. 

Sauciunac added: "She did her best, and they did everything they could within their power."

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