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It might be hard to believe right now, but summer will be here before you know. Cold, gray weather will soon be replaced by clear, sunny skies. 

You can prepare now — or at least get yourself in a summer frame of mind — by checking out Nordstrom Rack's sale on sunglasses. Top brands are discounted by as much as 75 percent, and you can save hundreds.

Here are some of our favorite deals from the sale:

50 percent off women's 60mm mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses

Was: $168

Now: $83.97

75 percent off women's Salvatore Ferragamo 53mm oversized sunglasses

  • Was: $326
  • Now: $79.97

64 percent off women's Cole Haan 51mm Polarized retro sunglasses

  • Was: $98
  • Now: $34.97

58 percent off women's Tom Ford Alicia 59mm sunglasses

  • Was: $380
  • Now: $159.97

57 percent off men's Ray-Ban 59mm polarized navigator sunglasses

  • Was: $185
  • Now: $79.97

74 percent off Montblanc 56mm square sunglasses

  • Was: $470
  • Now: $119.97

52 percent off Ray-Ban Warrior 63mm Navigator sunglasses

  • Was: $165
  • Now: $79.97

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Click here for more men's sunglasses on sale.


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