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BUY IT NOW: $30 Off Pur-Well Sleep Tight Pillow + Free Shipping

If you’re yawning today, your pillow may be to blame! In my quest to find the best bargains, a first-of-its-kind cool bamboo sleeping pillow is trending across the country thanks to its ability to lower your body temperature.

Any sleep therapist can confirm you will not get to a deep REM sleep until your body temperature has lowered one degree. Most feather or foam pillows, including memory foam pillows, actually raise your temperature and inhibit deep sleep.

Bamboo and charcoal pillows outperform traditional foam, memory foam or feathers when it comes to promoting deep sleep. I was stunned testing these pillows as they not only remained cooler than any competing product but they held their shape the longest. Charcoal-infused pillows are ideal for back sleepers, side sleepers or people who have neck pain.

If it’s time to change your pillows, today’s price drop is likely something you’ll want to consider. Pillows are supposed to be replaced every 36 months. Many people reading this won’t even remember the last time those bedroom pillows were changed out.

Click the play button to see the pillow and its tech up close.

Features of the Pur-Well Sleep Tight Pillow:

  • Pillow constantly stays cool while offering full support to help you sleep.
  • Developed by sleep therapists, doctors and ideal for those with insomnia.
  • Helps anyone with sleep apnea or snoring issues sleep better.
  • Ideal for people of all ages.
  • Design provides extreme breathability.
  • Allergy safe.
  • Top pillow this season at its lowest-recorded price.

$30 Off Pur-Well Sleep Tight Pillow + Free Shipping

Was: $69.99

Now: $39.99

***Buy two and price drops to $29.99


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