BUY IT NOW: Get $100 off on these Star Wars Propel Drones

The Star Wars fandom is stronger than ever, and this Christmas you can relive your favorite scenes from the franchise with these drones. Take to the skies this holiday season and perform aerial stunts with the X-Wing Starfighter, Tie Fighter, or Speeder Bike. You can even pilot these drones to dogfight with the companion app.

The fun doesn’t stop there with the app, you can also become a master pilot while completing 30 training missions. Take these drones to the limit by reaching speeds up to 35 miles per hour and execute mid-air stunts. Don’t worry about crashing: the drones feature three different speed settings based on your skill level.

Usually $149.95, you can grab a Star Wars Propel Drone (X-Wing Starfighter, Tie Fighter, or Speeder Bike) for just $49.99 from now.

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