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BUY IT HERE: $24 Basic Solutions Assorted Hair Clips

"Friends" is a top show, chokers are in style and you can get banana clips from the dollar store.

You might be forgiven if you're confused by the year. But we can assure you its 2019 — not 1999 or 1989 — even though fashion and culture that's two to three decades old continue to be hot.

The ongoing availability of banana clips is the latest example. You can buy a 24-pack of the '80s and '90s fashion accessory online from Dollar Tree for $24. That's $1 per banana clip.

BUY IT HERE: $24 Basic Solutions Assorted Hair Clips

Not sure how to use a banana clip? Get inspired with these photos of banana-clipped big hair from Twitter.

Is there a '80s or '90s product you wish would come back in style? Share a comment on and let us know!


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