If you are looking for an activity for the kids that is fun, active and educational, Rolly Pollies may be your answer.

The kid gym opened its third location as the newest development on Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo.

"We are a children's gym for children ages 4 months through 12 years old, and our main focus is health, fitness, motor-skill development," Jim Fleckenstein said. "You know, laying a foundation for a healthy life."

Jim and Danielle Fleckenstein brought Rolly Pollies to Western New York. They started with a location in East Amherst, then Orchard Park and now North Buffalo.

Rolly Pollies is about physical fitness and life-long health, plus it is fun.

"We look around for our own children, since this is our neighborhood, and we were really excited to bring this type of activity to North Buffalo," Danielle said. "Particularly for the kids in this area in the summer and the winter time. It will be a great opportunity for them to be indoors and active."

There is both open play and classes. Open play is what it sounds like: kids can play on the balance beams, a rock wall and a trampoline, just to name a few.

Classes target specific lessons and skills.

"Oftentimes, parents will come in and sign up for a class for their child and they say something like oh, I just want my kids to blow off steam," Jim explained. "But then a couple of classes in, they really see the curriculum at work."

Aside from classes, they also offer Ninja Warrior Camps, birthday parties and dance. It may be summer now, but the Fleckenstein's believe this will be a popular spot for kids to play, all year round.

"When they leave here and they go to the park or whatever or home or wherever else, they're comfortable doing these other exercises and things that they have already experienced here," Jim explained.

For schedules and pricing, visit their website here. Check with your insurance company. Some plans cover the costs of classes because they are fitness-focused.