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School supplies impacted by supply chain issues

Backpacks, pencils and notebooks could be hard to find as the first day of school approaches.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Everything from computers, vehicles, plastic, lumber, and more has been impacted by supply chain issues in recent months. 

Back to school supplies are the next item on the list of impacted items. Stores have already started stocking on everything students are going to need as the first day of school approaches. 

A port issue is the latest reason for a supply chain issue according to supply chain expert Jack Ampuja. 

"One of the major ports was closed for a couple of weeks, things got all backed up," Ampuja said.  

Port issues aside, importers, transportation companies are also being impacted by worker shortages. 

"People aren't showing up for work," Ampuja said. "So it's just a combination of things, but very, very high demand. 

According to Ampuja, supplies in high demand, such as backpacks, binders, and notebooks, are mostly made in China and the port issues impacted those items. 

Ampuja says there is also concern that there could be a domino effect. That could mean that Thanksgiving and Christmas shipments may also not arrive on time.

Another supply chain issue during the holiday season could have serious consequences for retailers as they try to climb out of the hole dug by the pandemic.