BUFFALO, N.Y. — Whether the Buffalo food truck industry has hit a sweet spot or an oversaturation point is up for some debate, but most operators agree there is enough supply to meet demand.

About 58 percent of the respondents to the Business First Food Trucks List feel the number of trucks in Western New York is just right. Another 39 percent feel there are too many, with only 3 percent feeling there's room for more.

The industry began to take off locally with the introduction of lloyd Taco Trucks (once again the No. 1 company on The List) in 2010. Dozens of trucks have since hit the road with varying success; some have simply been unable to sustain themselves, while others like The Louisiana Cookery have enjoyed success with complementary brick-and-mortar operations that have overtaken truck operations. 

So, which food trucks top appeared at the most events in 2018?

1.  lloyd Taco Trucks    2,002

2.  Cheesy Chick LLC    1,251

3.  The Great Foodini Food Truck    759

You can check out the full rankings on Buffalo Business First's website