BUFFALO, N.Y. — Developer Rocco Termini is ready to make waves with a new project in the Black Rock neighborhood in the City of Buffalo.

"This is an empty urban lot filled with debris. In a year this will be a beach club," Termini said.

When you look at the empty lot next to the new Thin Man Brewing company on Chandler Street, you see rubble, train tracks and graffiti. It does not strike many as a private resort destination.

"On the other side of those tracks is a junk yard, but that's the uniqueness of it, and that's the attraction," he said.

Chandler Pool Club

Next summer, the lot will become a private pool club that will resemble a resort. It will be located next door to Termini's recent business incubator development.

"We'll have a large pool here, 2,500-square-foot pool. It'll be grass and concrete all around it with umbrellas, beach chairs, and we'll have a bar out here, and we'll be able to serve you food, if you want to eat out here or if you want to go inside. But it'll be just like if you were at a resort," Termini said.

Chandler Pool Club

Some people would be cautious of a summer business venture in Buffalo but Termini says he is excited to celebrate summer.

"This is just for the summer. It's just like going to the beach, we'll close it up after the summer is over," he said. "But we have some great ideas for the winter here."

The project design will stay consistent with the street, keeping graffiti art as decor.

"What we are selling here is different cool, and I think different cool is what attracts people, is attracting people to occupy all the buildings on this street," Termini said.

The project will cost more than $1 million, and it will be complete by the summer of 2020.


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