BUFFALO, N.Y. — M&T Bank says it plans to hire more than 1,000 technologists to support its development of new technology. 

The announcement was made during the company's annual meeting of shareholders, however, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown mentioned the jobs at his State of the City address in February

The permanent jobs include software engineers, web developers and other digital positions over the next five years.  The first 250 of these jobs will be filled in 2019

M&T says 1,000 jobs will be located in Buffalo and 200 jobs will be located in Wilmington, Delaware.   

“Talent is a differentiator—for our company and our communities,” said René Jones, Chairman and CEO of M&T Bank in a released statement. “M&T’s continued success will be driven by advancing a culture of innovation, where creative collisions happen, where new talent and new ideas come together to better meet the needs of our customers and communities, to better deliver our brand of banking, in today’s changing world, to better fulfill our promise and our purpose and to make a difference in people’s lives.” 

“We want M&T to be a compelling destination for talented, innovative, tech-savvy, people,” said M&T’s Chief Information Officer Michael Wisler. “We’ve recently renovated our workspaces into more engaging, open and collaborative environments with the best technology, standing desks and comfortable lounges, giving people much more choice and control over where they work during the day. We’re also doing more to support our local colleges and universities, as well as the startup community, which help make our communities destinations for people seeking opportunity.”

In addition to the new technology jobs, M&T bank has nearly 2,000 open positions within their company.  If you're interested in applying, you should check M&T's website: www.mtb.com/careers