AMHERST, N.Y. — The Amherst Town Supervisor confirmed to 2 On Your Side that Douglas Development will be the sole developer of the Boulevard Mall property that was recently auctioned off. 

The deal also included the property where Wegmans currently sits on Alberta Drive. 

The Boulevard Mall was auctioned off in late March. Several months ago, Sinatra & Company Real Estate placed the winning bid for the Boulevard Mall of $24 million. 

Amherst Supervisor Brian Kulpa said the plan was for Sinatra, Douglas Development and a third development company to join forces on the project. Now Douglas Development and its CEO Doug Jemal plan to lead the way in totally changing the Boulevard Mall.

"Jemal has decided to take the unilateral position, which is fine. The town has been working with Jemal as the lead position for some time, so it's kind of a natural position," Kulpa said.

The Buffalo News reports Jemal paid $30 million for the mall and a neighboring Wegmans.

Reporter: What about the actual design plans the future for the property how does that change? 

"I don't think it does. It matches his portfolio from D.C. and live, work, environments," Kulpa said.

Douglas Development is turning the Seneca Tower around with apartments and eventually businesses there

The company also plans on turning the old Buffalo Police headquarters into apartments.

"We've watched property values drop from $90 million to $50 million to $30 million basically, so we need to stabilize that and turn it in the opposite direction if we're going to see real property value and taxable value come back," Kulpa said.

Sinatra and Company Real Estate put out a statement on Monday confirming that it is no longer buying the mall. The statement also says the terms of its deal with Douglas Development won't be released at this time.

2 On Your Side reached out to Douglas Development for comment, but have not heard back. 

Wegmans has put out a statement saying nothing at the store will change, other than Wegmans will have a new landlord. 

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