BUFFALO, N.Y. — A company that started making sweets here in Western New York more than 100 years ago is back open.

The Niagara Chocolate Company held its grand opening Thursday on Porter Road, with Niagara Honeymoon Sweets owner Mary Ann Hess reviving the business where her grandmother used to work decades ago.

Putting it all together took almost a decade.

"It's just an amazing opportunity to be able to bring something old and make it new again," Hess said. "And I'm glad for my family because, as far as my dad's side goes, we didn't know anybody. So this is like bringing grandma back to life."

As for the treats there, they've got mini chocolate barrels like you would ride over the Falls, chocolate bars with engravings of pictures of the Falls, and the original company's specialty, chocolate-covered wheat biscuits. Think Triscuits covered in chocolate.

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