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Stimulus check scammers on the rise, Better Business Bureau says

Melanie McGovern with the BBB of Upstate New York says scammers are sending out emails, text messages, and calling people in order to steal information.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York has a warning about stimulus check scams. 

With a third round of checks still on the way for many, the BBB continues to notice scammers are only getting more sophisticated in their tactics.

So what kind of scams are out there?

Some of them include phone calls asking you to either apply for the stimulus check or confirm your information is correct.

"The IRS has your information. If you pay your taxes, they have your social security number, they have your bank account number. So you shouldn't have to confirm any of that information," said Melanie McGovern, communications director for the BBB of Upstate New York. 

During the first round of stimulus checks, McGovern says there were a ton of text message scams.

It would also ask people to confirm personal information, this time by clicking on a link. 

While fake emails or even getting a fake call is not out of the norm, it is for a text message scam.  

"Texting is newer for scammers so people do opt in for texts from their banks and things like that so I just want to be careful before you click on any link and that you know what it is before you put in any personal information," McGovern said. 

If you haven't gotten your check and want to track where it is, look on the IRS website. 

McGovern says that's the only place you can get that info. 

Even if you come across a scam and don't fall for it, she says you should file a report with the BBB's online Scam Tracker

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