LACKAWANNA, N.Y. - Members of the local Yemeni community held a peaceful rally to express disappointment with President Donald Trump's executive order banning travel from six countries.

Business owners and others say the travel ban from the six predominantly Muslim nations is wrong. Many fear it will break up families. The President says it's to protect national security and is not motivated by religious discrimination.

Dr. Khalid Qazi of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of WNY said "tell me one American who wouldn't want to keep America safe, I don't think there is any Muslim-American who wouldn't be part of that."

A young girl read a letter that she addressed to the President. Malak wrote: we are all immigrants. if America was not a great country why would people want to come here. Let me tell you why. We have the Statue of Liberty which welcomes everyone, this is the land of opportunity. The opportunity to believe, to be equal and respect each others religions."

President Trump’s executive order banning travel exempts several categories of travelers from the revised ban, including green card holders, people with existing visas and it got rid of a permanent ban on refugee admissions from Syria. the new order goes into effect next Thursday, March 16.