NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — Once again we are getting reminders that this weekend (Sunday at 2 a.m. to be exact) you must must turn your clock ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time to take effect. 

But once again some are chiming in with discussion in Albany and elsewhere about whether we should Spring forward or Fall back.

Some believe it was first done back in the late 1800's to help with energy conservation or to better synchronize train schedules.

Supporters of the switch say it helps business and promotes physical activity with the sunnier days of summer.   

But several lawmakers here in New York state, including a local assemblyman, feel it's best to keep the time schedule the same year round.

State Assemblyman Angelo Morinello of Niagara Falls says some of his constituents brought it up to him.

"They do lean towards eliminating daylight saving time but it would be better to just have one time and no change," Morinello said. 

Morinello said he again introduced his measure in the Assembly to do just that. He said it is based on research that shows it's time for a healthier change in policy here in US to keep the clocks constant. And it would benefit   our biological clocks as well. 

"There have been studies and they've been proven that those items...injuries, car accidents, work related injuries, heart incidents...are greater after the change "      

The federal government does allow states to opt out, so currently Arizona and Hawaii don't make the time switch. 

Several lawmakers in neighboring states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut have signed on for a regional approach to ban the time change.

Morinello's measure has companion bills in the New York's State Senate. But now and in the past they have have been frozen in time in legislative committees and never to the see the light of day for a full vote on the floor.

"I don't see anything happening this year quite frankly but I do see in the future that there will be more focus on it."

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