BUFFALO, N.Y. — Thanksgiving dinner came a little early for homeless veterans and veterans who are at risk. 

Volunteers on Sunday at the V.A. Hospital helped out several men and women who were on hand for a meal.

"We’re helping homeless veterans, veterans that are at risk, veterans that may have had a hard year to be able to come in and have a Thanksgiving dinner where the community and volunteers and the VA are able to come alongside them to help them during this holiday season" V.A. Homeless Veterans Program Social Worker Thomas Szczygiel said.

The veterans had full meals and lots of association with the young and old who helped out at Sunday's event.

"I get to see what people go through like after they come out of war and see how I can help them, and I'll give them an experience of how a holiday should be," volunteer Caitlyn Sweeney said.

Added Gary McKee, a Vietnam veteran: "It's nice that they have something for the veterans to come to. Grant you, I'm not homeless, I have a house. But there are a lot of veterans out there that I know of that don't have a place to live."

The V.A. has several grants to help veterans with housing and utilities.

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