BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Humane Society is again cautioning people not to leave dogs or other animals inside vehicles as the weather continues to warm up. 

Aminal Control officers have already responded to multiple calls about pets in hot cars in the past week. Even temperatures that don't seem too warm can quickly climb inside an enclosed space, leaving animals at risk of heatstroke or even death.

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"It is far too hot to leave your pets in the car, even with the windows cracked, for any amount of time," IHS posted.

An outside temperature of 70 degrees can reach 104 inside a car after just 30 minutes, according to the Humane Society. At 85 degrees - the projected high for Monday - temperatures reach a baking 119 in that same time frame. 

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Animal officers will patrol through the summer rescuing dogs from hot cars and citing their owners 

Anyone with concerns about an animal left in a vehicle is urged to call Animal Control at 208-343-3166.