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Update on Ralphie: Done with training and moving on the new adventure

The Niagara County SPCA had an exciting announcement about Ralphie following his graduation from training.

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — The "jerk" turned loveable pup is heading out on a new adventure. 

The Niagara County SPCA shared on Facebook that Ralphie, formerly known as "Ralphie the Jerk," has completed his training ahead of schedule. And after an extensive search, Ralphie is heading home with someone they believe is the perfect adopter.

When Ralphie entered training after a fail adoption, the SPCA put out a call for qualified adopters to apply with their resume to adopt him. Since then, they have reviewed over 700+ emails and spoke with dozens of potential adopters. Applicants were even sent to Ralphie's trainer to be reviewed. 

After all that, the SPCA selected Jason, a "unicorn adopter."

Jason trains dogs for the Department of Energy in Tennessee and owns another Frenchie, along with a Dachshund and a German Shepherd. 

What made Jason especially qualified in the SCPA's eyes, was that his Dachshund and Frenchie both had bite histories before living with him. The German Shepherd is reportedly a lovely and accepting dog.

What also really sold the SPCA on Jason is that he dedicates his life to his dogs, making him "the perfect match for Ralphie."

Ralphie is already on his way to join Jason's pack, and will arrive there on Saturday. 

To keep all of Ralphie's fans updated, Jason will share updates with the SPCA, but he will also run a Facebook and Instagram for Ralphie. The accounts are already documenting his road trip to Tennessee. 

"We wish our tiny, reformed terror all the best and we look forward to hearing about all of his adventures. Will agility be his jam, or maybe he'll beat his new sibling, Cookie's 5k time of 36:06??? Whatever his next adventure is, we know he's set up for a successful future!" the SPCA wrote on Facebook.

Well, it's time to reveal Ralphie's next adventure. After reviewing 700+ emails, speaking with several dozen potential...

Posted by Niagara SPCA on Friday, March 24, 2023

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