AMHERST, NY - One of Buffalo's newest food trucks is different, not just because of the food it serves, but also because of who it serves. That's why the folks behind Daily Bread food truck are this week's 2 On Your Side "Good Neighbors."

St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Amherst started serving breakfast from its own food truck this summer. Daily Bread food truck is Buffalo's first and only not-for-profit food share truck.

"'Get one. Give one' is the philosophy we're going with," said Pastor Steve Biegner.

With every meal purchased by Daily Bread customers, a meal will be given to needy families in Eggertsville.
When school resumes this fall, the food truck will drive into the Windermere elementary school neighborhood, where 60 percent of the students' families live below the poverty line. Every weekend Daily Bread will hand out meals to those families for free.

"We're a non-profit so we don't have to, nor want to, make any money," said Pastor Steve. "Through grants and private donors here at the church and some foundations, we paid for the truck. So we have no overhead."

Daily Bread is serving breakfast in front of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, across from St. Benedict's, in Eggertsville on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM – 12 PM.

Chef Danny Sileo knows with every chorizo breakfast bowl, cannoli crepe or caprese quiche he makes, he's going to be helping someone in need.

"It's just a true blessing to do it," said Sileo.

Even when the truck is not serving, the lawn of St. Paul's has become a gathering place for parishioners and neighbors. It's filled with picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, lawn games, and water bowls for dogs.

"It's nice to be able to sit and relax. Kids come during the week even when the truck isn't set up and use the games," said Pastor Steve. "It's just nice in Eggertsville to finally have a place that you can hang out."

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