ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — It's been three months since Buffalo Bills fans said goodbye to superfan Pancho Billa.

Ezra Castro, affectionately known as Pancho Billa to fans, fought a long battle with pancreatic cancer, which eventually metastasized throughout his liver, lungs, spine and lymph nodes. He died in May at age 39.

As we get ready for the first season without him, his family wants to celebrate his life with the Bills Mafia. They've announced a memorial on September 21, the day before the home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The event will take place in Hammer's Lot at 4170 Abbott Road from 2 to 6 p.m. with a memorial tent, prayers, memories and laughter. The lot will open at noon. 

There will be a $20 donation to Castro's family for car tailgating, while non-tailgating cars and walk-ups will be free. 

They're asking people to bring their own drinks and food and "party like it's game day in honor of Pancho."

When Castro was seven years old, his dad—a Cowboys fan—allowed Castro a choice of who he wanted to adopt as his NFL team.

"He pretty much gave me my own rights to choose a team," said Castro in an interview with 2 On Your Side in 2017.  "I really wanted a team that had a Mexican color theme, but there's not one, and I went with the red, white, and blue charging Buffalo logo over the Patriots."

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