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City Shaper: Emily Frazer

Emily Frazer started Bets & Emy when she was a new mom.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Each week this year, we're celebrating a woman who is having a positive impact on Western New York. This week's City Shaper is a mom who came up with her own solution to a health problem her newborn was having.

Buffalo native Emily Frazer is the founder of Bets & Emy wipes. Frazer started her company out of necessity when she was a new mom.

"My son, Archie, was born six years ago, and he was born with very sensitive skin," Frazer said. "He's Polish, Irish, Buffalo-born redhead."

And, she says she knew he'd have sensitive skin.

"I thought I was doing all the right things when it came to choosing his food, his diapers, his wipes, and everything else that you choose as a mom," she said. "And, I was using free and sensitive baby wipes on him, and he kept getting the most terrible diaper rashes."

Everything she tried didn't work, and Archie's doctor told her to switch to using a cloth and water. The rash went away. That's when Frazer decided to make her own wipes.

"I found a school in North Carolina called Wipes 101, it exists, it's real, and I went to school to learn about making baby wipes, and once that started, you start meeting people," Frazer said. "I would meet manufacturers. I would meet people, brand owners, and they would tell me their successes, and we started bouncing off each other."

Three years after the idea was born, her wipes — for babies, pets, and adults — were in stores.

"When we were little, our dad called us Bets and Emy, and that's just how it originated," she said. "And, it made so much sense. Once I said that out loud, I'm like Bets and Emy, I'm like, yes, this is our brand, my sister and I we do this together, a family brand, and it really kind of drove it home for us for that name."

Now, Frazer travels around the country going to baby shows and telling new parents about her Buffalo-born brand.

"What advice do you have for people who want to start their own company, or are thinking about it, or have this idea, and they just haven't taken the plunge yet?" asked 2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik.

"It's amazing what you can do. I was a chemical buyer for my family's company, and I've changed my life, total 180," says Frazer. "As long as you have that support system behind you, and you believe in yourself, and you find the right networks to hook-up with, and like-minded people, other mompreneurs, other entrepreneurs, that system you've got to grab into, and they will propel you to success."

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BUFFALO, N.Y. - This year, we're celebrating the women who are making Western New York a great place to live in our City Shapers reports. This week's City Shaper is helping companies find the perfect people to join their teams. Lauren Lewis is a partner at StaffBuffalo. She grew up in Buffalo.

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