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6-year-old WNY native seeks Bills Mafia's support in USA Kids Mullet Competition

Voting ends at midnight tonight on mulletchamp.com. If Lincoln Prater wins, he's going to donate all the money to victims and survivors of the Tops mass shooting.

CLEVELAND, Virginia — It's a hairstyle from the 80s that just like everything else nowadays, is making a comeback: mullets. 

Now they're looking better than ever because kids are trying out the look for a national competition to win $2,500

Lincoln Prater, who is 6 years old, just moved a year ago from Tonawanda to Cleveland, Va., where a barber also styles his luscious locks.  

"We saw the competition online," Prater's mom Emmalee Plotner said. "He did it last year. He ended up taking ninth out of like 500 kids so we decided we'd try it again this year."

You can't take Buffalo out of the boy. 

It's one of the many reasons that if his hometown helps him to win first place, Plotner says her son will donate all the money to victims and survivors of the Tops mass shooting.

Credit: Emmalee Plotner

"It just had such a big impact on us and we love Buffalo so much. We still consider that our home and we wanted to do whatever we can to help," Plotner said. 

With a heart that big and that hair, nonprofit Bills Mafia Babes are just some of those making sure to get in votes by the midnight deadline. 

"It's the cutest thing I've ever seen," president Kristen Kimmick said. "At that age, thinking that way, is really something we want to continue to support that. Let's grow that generation of good hearts and make sure that they're celebrated."

If you want to celebrate Prater head to mulletchamp.com. 

Put in your email and you will be sent a voter ID. Give it a few minutes to come through. When it does, enter it in and pick Prater.

You can vote once with every email you have.

Any support, no matter the circumstances, Buffalo will always take care of its own. 

"Whether it be a goofy mullet competition or when tragedy strikes. ... That's what we love about Buffalo so much. The community there is just amazing," Plotner said. 

To vote before the midnight deadline, click here.

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