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Meet the Mafia: Mustard and ketchup ceremony, part 1

Meet Pinto Ron and the wacky tailgating tradition that he has created.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Today we continue our tour of Bills fan craziness with part one of what will be a two part series. We are featuring the ketchup and mustard ceremony, a hilarious pregame ritual that has evolved, or perhaps devolved over the years. It started innocently enough when Bills fan named Ken Johnson asked his brother to put some ketchup on a hamburger.

Because of a mistake a reporter made during an interview about 20 years ago, Ken Johnson earned the nickname Pinto Ron. In addition to the ketchup and mustard ceremony, he is famous for his 1980 red Pinto, which is used to cook a variety of tailgate foods and is shared amongst fellow Bills fans.

Ken actually had heart surgery last year but has made a complete recovery and is continuing his zany tailgate traditions, much to the delight of hundreds, if not thousands, of Bills enthusiasts.

Our own Kevin O'Neill took place in the ketchup and mustard ceremony, but you will see his adventure in full during part two. One useful tip Kevin got was to wear goggles, because Ken found out the hard way that it stings the eyes when people are spraying catch up on you.

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