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Bills to play in London game in 2023; international fans anticipating rush for tickets

The NFL has yet to announce an opponent, date, or time for the game.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — South Buffalo native Brigid Evans moved to London almost four years ago but there was no place to go to watch a Bills game other than the casino. 

"That was a bizarre experience the first time I went," Evans said. "You're sort of watching your game but listening to a different game."

Then she found the UK Bills Backers, which started two years ago at the Fitzrovia Belle Pub. 

"It's just like finding your family again. It's yelling at the TV, it's drinking a good beer, it's having good food, it's just that company that you crave that makes watching football such a great shared experience," Evans said. 

Now the rest of the Bills Mafia family will come to London.

The NFL announced the Bills will play in the UK for the first time since 2015, but haven't said who they will play or what date and time the game will be held. 

"I think instantly we've got a big group chat with everyone, we were all sending screen shots like it's happening. Oh my God. We knew they'd come," Rochester native Becca Fields-Poniskaitis said. 

Fields-Poniskaitis is also part of the UK Bills Backers and hopes to get tickets for the regular season game at London's Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

"Now that it's legitimate, I'm a little worried it's going to sell out in minutes. We all work so we can't just sit in a queue all day, but we're definitely going to if we want to get there," Fields-Poniskaitis said.

Evans added: "You see every jersey. It's not just the teams that are playing. There's a real appetite in this country for American football."

The Bills Backers in Ireland, which only formed five weeks ago and now has 30 members, is feeling the pressure too. 

"The initial reaction might not be what you think it was Oh my God the Bills are coming over. It was Oh my God am I going to be able to get tickets because the NFL UK system or ticketing system is notorious for crashing," said Andy Collaran of Sligo, Ireland. 

The Bills Backers of Italy didn't even meet until the last time the Bills went to London and played against the Jacksonville Jaguars and is planning to go again this time around. 

"We met for the first time in 2015," said Paolo Miranda of Venice, Italy. 

For those who can or can't get tickets, it's sure to be an experience of a lifetime. 

"The NFL puts on a really amazing show for all the fans that come into town. It's not just a one day affair, it's a whole week affair," Evans said. 

You can register for tickets here.

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