BUFFALO, NY-- Alton Brown, the Food Network Chef, is throwing a shot at one of Buffalo's culinary gems.

Alton Brown appeared in a YouTube video called "First We Feast" with Sean Evans. The two are sampling chicken wings and different levels of hot sauce in the video.

Before the first taste even happens, Brown takes a shot at Buffalo and says, "If you want great Buffalo chicken wings... you don't go to frickin' Buffalo." (The comment starts at 2:26)

That comment isn't sitting well with Buffalo's Wing King, Drew Cerza and chicken wing fans in Buffalo.

Knowing that he was going to get some heat for his comments, Brown quickly added, "There you go, I won't be able to play Buffalo again."

We don't know where Brown sampled chicken wings when we was in Buffalo, but he did ask his followers on Twitter to recommend the best place to go for chicken wings. He must not have picked the right one.