CONOVER, N.C. — Oliver, the miniature jersey cow, is without a doubt, the most charismatic cow in Catawba County, N.C.

Since Samantha Hodge posted this video to Facebook a few weeks ago, Oliver's status has risen from pasture to prime-time.

The video has been viewed, around the world, more than seven million times.

“I just put it on there to give everyone a good laugh," Samantha said.

It shows Oliver, messing with Samantha's husband, Shane, while he tried to work on their deck that leads to the pasture. Oliver wanted Shane to rub his chin.

"He is a hoot," Shane said.

Shane and Samantha rescued Ollie last year. The cow came to Conover instead of going to auction. He could have ended up as a burger, but he has way too much personality for a plate. Instead, he shares his time in a pasture with chickens and goats.

“It’s never a dull moment, trust me," Samantha said with a laugh.

The miniature jersey cow is udderly loved.

“To me, he’s the best companion. I can sit with him for hours," said Samantha.

He might be a cow to most but after a quick trip to the farm, it's obvious Oliver has an innate ability that many people do not.

“To me, this is a field full of therapy, and if I can share that with everybody whether it be a laugh or happy tears or maybe even sad moments, it’s a way to bring everybody together.”