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Hamburg mom's social media posts go viral in search for kidney

28-year-old Katilyn Elsholz found out she was in stage five kidney failure right after she gave birth two years ago.

HAMBURG, N.Y. — March 18, 2018, was a picture-perfect moment for 28-year-old Katilyn Elsholz of Hamburg.

"It was just so amazing seeing her that first couple days," she said. 

All seemed right in the world with her new baby girl, Lorelai. 

That is until a few days later, when she was supposed to be discharged from Mercy Hospital and she asked a nurse to check her temperature.  

"I would have never made it," Elsholz said. 

Doctors quickly flew her to Buffalo General, where she ended up in a coma for five days. 

It turns out Elsholz had a rare disease called atypical HUS, which causes blood clots in the kidneys. 

At only 26, both of hers had shut down, and a brand new mom had gone almost three weeks without seeing her baby.

"I missed a lot of her growing up that first year," she said. 

Elsholz was put on the transplant list and has spent three days a week on dialysis ever since. 

Between that and all the hospital visits, she's lost precious time with her 2-year-old daughter, who is as energetic as ever. 

"She just goes, goes, goes, and I just don't have the energy," Elsholz said. 

Tired of missing so much, she decided to ask for help by sharing her story on Facebook.

It is quickly going viral with a few people saying they would like to see if they're a donor. 

"It's just so heartwarming. I can’t believe all the people that have reached out. I mean, there’s people in Germany that have reached out to me as well," she said. 

She hasn't found the right donor just yet, but Elsholz says she is looking forward to the day she can be just like every other mom.

"It would just mean so much being able to play with her and being able to do all these things with her," she said. 

So until she gets that life changing call from Erie County Medical Center, it's Lorelai who is giving her mom a little extra courage to keep moving forward.

"I can just always here her voice, see her little smiley face, and she gets me going. She gets me up everyday. Sorry. She is my everything," Elsholz said. 

If you'd like to help her out, Elsholz is looking for an O- donor. 

Just call ECMC at 716-898-6283.

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