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Gillibrand: 'Outrageous' prescription drug prices call for congressional action

With support of President Joe Biden, the New York Senator is hopeful a solution can be found.

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — “In America, we pay far too much for prescription drugs,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand during her appearance in Niagara Falls Monday morning.

And it’s not hard to find an example to back up Gillibrand.

Insulin is a life-saving drug for the millions who have diabetes. One commonly used brand is NovoLog. On the website GoodRx, that monitors prescription prices we found a five pack of injector pens selling for $243.10 at a Rite Aid in Buffalo. Across the Niagara River, at the pharmacy inside the Fort Erie WalMart, the same insulin pens sell for $77.82 (US Dollars).

GoodRx also found last year during the pandemic, the price of some 900 different prescription drugs were increased.

And in a politically divided US, the price of prescriptions is an issue were there appears to be consensus. Late last year, The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a poll and found that 89% of Americans favor letting Medicare and private insurance companies negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Gillibrand points to a trio of bills in the Senate which deal with lowering prices on prescription medication.

“We have a coalition in the Senate that wants to get this done and we have a president that wants to get this done," Gillibrand said.

But not one of those pieces of legislation is sponsored by a Republican member of the Senate.

Still, Gillibrand says because President Joe Biden supports doing something about the ever growing cost of prescription drugs, she remains hopeful.

“I feel like if we’re going to get one thing done on a bipartisan basis, it could be this,” Gillibrand said.