BUFFALO, N.Y. — Every week, 2 On Your Side’s Joshua Robinson takes a closer look at what’s new, unique and happening across the Western New York food scene in “Out 2 Eat.” 

But sometimes, rather than show you new places to eat, we want to show you new ways that local chefs are cooking your food.

That's why this week's spotlight is on SZND Restaurant in Buffalo, just off Hertel Avenue, where Executive Chef Ian Macdonell does his best to look at food differently when adding it to his menu.

Take his Shrimp and Leaks appetizer, for example: Chef Macdonell uses his own variation of the "confit" method to perfectly season and tenderize his leaks.

But the "confit" method isn't your average cooking technique. The term comes from the French word "confire" which means "to preserve."  It applies to any type of food that is cooked slowly over a long period of time as a method of preservation.

The most popular dish is the classic French dish Duck Confit, but Chef Macdonell was determined to figure out a way to incorporate the idea with vegetables that can be troublesome from time to time.

"That's something I've toyed around with quite a bit in the past couple years, the idea of "confit-ing" as a technique,' laughed Chef Macdonell. "Literally it's just leaks, olive oil, salt and thyme, and you just treat them how you would treat a duck leg."

Generally, the confit method requires low cooking (85-95 degrees) for long periods of time (2-3 days) to achieve perfect tenderness. "It just gives it that texture where it almost melts on your tongue," said the SZND Chef.

Check out more pictures of their beautiful, bold menu on their Facebook page or their Instagram page @sznd_dining .

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