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Out 2 Eat: St Patrick’s Day Specials

Joshua Robinson highlights the sweet and savory treats you can find during the holiday weekend

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Every week, 2 On Your Side’s Joshua Robinson takes a closer look at what’s new, unique, and happening across the Western New York food scene in “Out 2 Eat.”

Of course, there are plenty of traditions during St Patrick’s Day weekend, but Western New York is always full of unique surprises along with the old, traditional classics.

If you’re looking for a spin on the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, there are two local spots offering a twist on the classic meal. Or maybe “roll” would be the more appropriate term.

Lloyds’ two locations will be offering corned beef reuben spring rolls through Sunday. You can check out their Instagram accounts at @whereslloyd or @lloydtacofactory for hours, special deals, and locations.

Not to be outdone, though, the Larkin Filling Station in Larkin Square has corned beef egg rolls to give you another bite-sized, hand-holdable Irish bite through Sunday.

You can check out their Instagram at @larkinfillingstation.

Now as we jump from savory to sweet, we don’t need to call out any big restaurant chains for disappointing “shamrock shakes,” do we? Nah... Why do that when Poutine and Cream on Hertel is promising two shamrocks shakes that will not disappoint? Stop by for one of two different sizes: their standard shamrock shakes or their mega shakes meant for two.

Of course, we won’t judge you if you choose to enjoy one of them all on your own.

See for yourself on Instagram at @poutineandcream.

And finally, I could get lost for hours scrolling through the Instagram page of Buffalo Cake Pops, and the holiday weekend might be a perfect chance for you to do the same.

Check out @buffalocakepops for tons of different, impressive cake pop and cookie designs, including special themed Irish pops for the weekend.

Leprechauns, 4-leaf-clovers, pots of gold and green beers, you can mix-and-match your own perfect $10 6-pack of sweet bites.

Stop by 346 Connecticut Street in Buffalo from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. for a Small Business Pop-Up event, and you can try to snag some of these impressive designs for yourself.

Or you can send an email to buffalocakepops@gmail.com for a special order of your own.

If you have news on a new or favorite Western New York restaurant, reach out to Joshua and your favorite spot might be featured in a future edition of Out 2 Eat:

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