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Out 2 Eat: Peanut butter lovers rejoice!

This week in Out 2 Eat, reporter and former chef Joshua Robinson celebrates National Peanut Butter Lovers Month with a look at the versatile, spreadable favorite

Every week, 2 On Your Side’s Joshua Robinson takes a closer look at what’s new, unique and happening across the Western New York food scene in “Out 2 Eat.”  

Along with all of the ushering-in of the holiday season, November is also a month to celebrate one of the most versatile, spreadable foods there is: peanut butter!

So for National Peanut Butter Lovers Month, this week we're looking at just how versatile Western New Yorkers can be when it comes to a classic food favorite.

Allen Burger Venture (Instagram: @allenburgerventure)

The very first meal I (Joshua) ever had when I moved to Buffalo was lunch at Allen Burger Venture; I ordered number Five.

The burger features smooth peanut butter, pickled jalapenos, applewood bacon, and white cheddar... And for less adventurous food-eaters, you can trust me on this one: it's well worth the risk!

Overwinter Coffee (Instagram: @overwintercoffee)

In a world of makeshift syrups and unnatural sweeteners, I can appreciate a place that figures out how to give their customers the authentic, real deal in any ingredient.

So when we talk peanut butter, Overwinter Coffee stands out for figuring out how to effectively-- and tastefully-- add real, pure peanut butter into their espresso.

And it's just one of their many flavors to give yourself some perfect cold-weather warmth.

Park Edge Sweete Shoppe (Instagram: @parkedgesweets)

For over 70 years, the Abbott Road mainstay has been giving out handmade chocolates for their many adoring fans, but peanut butter lovers can celebrate a bit of an unexpected surprise.

It's a special, rare take on Western New York's staple of sponge candy... A peanut butter version! You can watch the process in the video from this week's story (If you don't mind your mouth watering, of course...).

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