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Food Network Chef Alton Brown finds the best wings in Buffalo

After being critical of wings in Buffalo back in 2018, Food Network Chef Alton Brown returned to the Queen City to make amends.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Food Network Chef Alton Brown spent an entire day in Buffalo looking for the best wings. Back in 2018, Brown said he ate at all of the 'famous places' and had a 'very, very bad wing day.'

But Brown was back in the Queen City ahead of his "Alton Brown Live" tour Wednesday night at Shea's Performing Arts Center, and he recruited some help to point him in the right wing direction.

2 On Your Side talked to Nate Geary from WGR Radio who showed Brown around town.

"The thing that I think he appreciates the most about Buffalo is, really just any city that is passionate about a particular food that's unique to their city, he can appreciate that it's something people care about. And when you go into a place, when you go try wings at a smaller dive bar or what have you, you know that they're being made by people who really care," Geary said about his time with Alton Brown.

Geary and Brown hit up a lot of local favorites. Brown was sure to thank Nate for helping him find his way to La Nova, Bar-Bill Tavern, Elmo's, and the Duff's at Millersport and Sheridan.

Brown took to social media admitting he was wrong and "the best wings are in Buffalo."

Over the weekend the Food Network chef took to Facebook to explain why he felt the need to come back and try more wings.

"Back in 2018, after eating at all the 'famous' places, I complained that I had a very, very bad wing day," he said. "I've been told since that I just went to the wrong places. So I'm coming back to make amends by taking a whole day off to eat wings. You guys basically invented the global wing craze so please set me on the right path."

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