HAMBURG, N.Y. — Every year, we get new foods at the Erie County Fair that you would probably never eat anywhere else.

And yep, we've got more of them this year.

The fair showed off the new additions on Wednesday, including Buffalo chicken stuffed banana peppers, peanut butter and jelly cheesecake, hot Cheeto fries, and something called hot candy wings.

And you'll be able to vote on your favorites on the fair app for the fair food showdown when it gets started in two weeks.

But none of it might match up with what's coming to the state fair next month.

Meet the Sudden Death, the new food that the fair showed off Wednesday from Fried Specialties.

Take a deep breath. It's two hamburgers, stuffed with macaroni and cheese, pork belly and jalapenos, then wrapped in bacon, then deep-fried, then served with cheese or habanero sauce.

But again that's the state fair, so you'll have to head to Syracuse for that.


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