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Buffalo connection to the PGA Championship

Resurgence Brewing Co. create a special pale ale specifically for the tournament, which is played in WNY.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — There are only a handful of beers to choose from on the PGA Championship course in WNY, and one of them is Pinseeker Pale Ale, which is made by Resurgence Brewing Company in Buffalo. 

Resurgence created the beer specifically for the tournament.

They had to make 700 cases- about 17,000 cans-  enough to serve the approximately quarter-million fans who have descended on Pittsford for the four-day tournament. 

That's alot of beer, as well as a lot of attention for the Buffalo brewery. 

"We're happy to bring some Buffalo beer into Rochester for all the people travelling  from around the world to enjoy the PGA championship," said Dan Robinson, Director of Sales for Resurgence Brewing Co. 

If you're not going to Oak Hill, but you want to try Pinseeker Pale Ale, you can buy it right at the brewery this week only.

They have other golf-related beers too- Smash Factor with Oncore Golf, On the Tea Sour, and fittingly, Frost Delay which they brew in the winter.  The first round of the PGA Championship had to be delayed Thursday morning due to frost. 

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