BUFFALO, N.Y. — There is a crucial need for volunteers to make sure that shut-in senior citizens are properly fed and safe. So now FeedMore WNY is getting a big boost for its meal delivery program.

Catholic Health is partnering with FeedMore WNY to provide 20 volunteers for its Adopt-A-Route program for Meals on Wheels. Adopt-A-Route can allow potential volunteers to tailor their service by selecting various routes and hours that work for their schedule.

Catholic Health officials say billions of dollars are spent on treating illnesses tied to inadequate nutritious food for seniors and the needy.       

FeedMore WNY serves over 2,000 homebound seniors each day from 31 sites throughout the area. Officials say the need for the program is growing with an aging population. 

Currently there are more than 1,800 volunteers with about 400 delivering meals each weekday. But some volunteers are not available in the winter. That's why FeedMore WNY President Tara Ellis says they're looking for more people who can fit it into their work-day hours 

"So we really encourage anyone who can do this on their lunch hour from work," Ellis said. "It takes an hour or less to do. And Adopt a Route potential business owners or managers who just want to get their own individual departments together. It's great team building. It's a great way to be a corporate citizen."

The 20 Catholic Health volunteers, who work at the downtown Buffalo headquarters, will take turns delivering meals on two designated West Side routes during their lunch hours. 

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