BUFFALO, N.Y. — More 85 families were "adopted" by the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital and the Stone's Buddies Program.

The families picked up gifts and clothing donated by the local community on Friday. 

It was the impression a little boy named Stone had made that started this whole thing.

"The staff ready admired Stone's charisma, his smile, his positivity," said Alyssa Jerge, the Stone's Buddies coordinator at Children's Hospital.

Stone's Buddies, created in his memory, looks to help patients, and their families who are in neeed that have to spend a lot of time in the hospital, especially at Christmas.

"Each patient's family has given a highly personalized and specific wish list that our donors then shop for," said Jerge.  

Donors, with wish lists in hand, bought toys, and games, clothes and stuffed animals gifts for these kids who just want to be healthy. And on Friday, the lobby of the hospital was turned into Santa's workshop, were these presents came one step closer to their destination. Thanks in big part to hospital employees who donated time to help pack up the presents. 

"They're coming in an extra two hours today just to help out our families this holiday season," said Jerge.

One of those families who getting help, the Toporczyk's of Sloan. They have a three-year-old who's been in and out of Children's over the past few months and these presents a greatly appreciated.

"It means a lot to me, to know there are people out there the actually care, you know, you see a lot of it on T.V.," Krystal Toporczyk said. "When you're in that situation, it's just a whole different feeling, a whole different feeling, know that there are people there to actually help you." 

All these gifts will find their way to a child come Christmas morning. And the memory of Stone will live on, until next Christmas, when these generous folks will do it again.