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Puking prediction: Fiona the Hippo makes Super Bowl pick

Welp, that didn't go as planned

CINCINNATI — We’ve all seen animals make their Super Bowl picks, but you’ve probably never seen one quite like this.

Social media sensation Fiona the Hippo was tasked with making her choice Thursday at her home in the Cincinnati Zoo. Two enrichment items were placed in front of her: one with the Kansas City Chiefs logo and the other with the San Francisco 49ers logo.

The 3-year-old hippo was supposed to tap her favorite with her nose, which she did.

Lettuce show you who she picked…

Fiona poked her nose at the Chiefs. And then, she puked on the KC logo.

So, is that good or bad? Fiona refused to explain the meaning behind the upchuck.

Fiona has a 50% accuracy rate so far. She correctly picked the Eagles to win in 2018 but went with the Los Angeles Rams last year.

Her friends in the lion exhibit went with the Chiefs, while Kris the Cheetah is pulling for the 49ers.

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