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Jordan Poyer screens documentary at Kids Escaping Drugs Renaissance Campus

Ever since opening up about his journey to sobriety last spring, Bills Safety Jordan Poyer has been working to help others facing the same struggles.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — From winning big against the Washington Football Team in front of 70,000 fans on Sunday, to getting up in front of a much smaller, more intimate crowd at the Kids Escaping Drugs Renaissance Campus on Monday, Jordan Poyer brings the same passion and intensity to whatever he does. 

"I know that I'm an NFL athlete, I know that people, a lot of people, have eyes on me," he told 2 On Your Side during his visit to the campus. "I know that one conversation, one compliment, one encouragement can change one of these kids' lives."

The Bills safety spent his day off this week screening his new documentary called "The Kid from Astoria," and answering questions.   

"Regardless of if some of them know who I am or not, you know, a lot of it talks about my struggle," Poyer said about the film. "Some of them have the same struggles, and some have different struggles. But a struggle is a struggle, regardless of what the struggle is."

Jordan had a common bond with every young person in the room. He gave up drinking in March 2020, and opened up about his recovery publically this past spring. First on social media, then for our Channel 2 cameras. 

"I was, was drinking for all the wrong reasons, thinking that my life was so hard," he said at the time. "Some people really got some real stuff going on in life. That made the stuff that I was worried about look like nothing." 

Ever since, Jordan has dedicated his time away the field to connecting with and helping others going through the same thing he did, especially young people, like the ones in Kids Escaping Drugs. 

"I love being around young kids. I think when I'm done playing I'm going to be a coach. I want to encourage these kids that it's okay to ask for help," he said. "I want to keep coming back and keep seeing these kids telling me that they've been sober for X amount of days. Their success stories, because that's awesome to year you know?"

Jordan's visits to the Renaisssance Campus leave him with a renewed sense of hope and community. 

"I'm hoping as I continue to come back, I'm able to learn more about them, if they're willing to share that, and if not then you know, just continue to encourage them to be the best versions of themselves," he said. "Because that's ulimately my goal, is I just want to be the best version of Jordan Poyer."

To donate to our Kids Escaping Drugs Fall Televent, visit www.ked.org.