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'Cabrini' film features nearly 40 Buffalo locations

Crews will get footage around town through September 15. There's no release date yet because it's an independent film, which must be sold to a distributor first.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Parts of Western New York have transformed into movie sets as crews filming "Cabrini" take up residence at almost three dozen locations. Tuesday they were at the American Red Cross on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. 

"37 locations in about 45 days," said Justin Hank, locations manager for the film. "Shooting in and around Buffalo and in and around the county and even Orleans County." 

Hank is a New York City native but has worked on several films in the Queen City over the last eight years. He calls Buffalo "one of the best places to film in the entire country."

"The reception filming in Buffalo from the people to the business owners to residents, everybody is very excited about the film community and it really creates a sense of warmth and welcoming for people out of town," Hank said. 

Cabrini takes place in the 1890s and is about a nun and social activist Francesca Cabrini -- played by Italian actress Christiana Dell'Anna. 

Cabrini immigrated from Italy to New York City so Buffalo will turn into the Big Apple. 

Tuesday the old music room at the American Red Cross was converted into the Archdiocese of New York. More than 85 percent of the crew working on it is from Buffalo, and all of the extras are local. 

"I believe about 70 percent of the film's budget will be left here in Western New York," Hank said. 

Emmy-award-winning actor John Lithgow stars alongside David Morse in the film. 

Film crews will be in Buffalo through September 15th.

There's no release date set for the movie because it's an independent film and first has to be sold to a distributor.