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Buffalo's very own Ghostbusters give back to WNY

They do not hunt for ghosts, but they do find ways to spread some kindness throughout the community.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — If there's something strange in your neighborhood, do not call the Buffalo Ghostbusters.

"No, we don't really catch ghosts," said Blake Bednarz, founder of the Buffalo Ghostbusters. 

However, if you need to feel like a kid again and want to spread some kindness, then do reach out to them.

"We just have fun and raise money for the community," Bednarz said. 

Bednarz started the Buffalo Ghostbusters Facebook group to fulfill both fans and his obsession with the movie franchise he's been in love with since he was 5. 

"I rented the second one countless times from Wegmans, probably at least twice a week," Bednarz said. 

More than 6,000 fans, or Ghostheads, have joined from across the country. 

Thirteen of them are in Buffalo and fundraise year-round, whether it's for the Ghostbusters fire house in New York City or for charities around Western New York, such as Toys for Tots.

"(Over the years, we've raised) somewhere in the early $20,000 range," said Dan Liberg, one of the Buffalo Ghostbusters.

They fundraise through the most Buffalo clothing ever, which you can look at here. 

"I actually designed most of our merchandise. We have our custom Ghostbusters logo where he's holding a chicken wing," Liberg said. "People kept buying it, so if people are excited about the products that we can bring out, then it was a great way for us to raise more money for charity."

They can't do it all without the right equipment or ride, though. 

"(Our two replica, Ghostbuster cars were) our pandemic project," said Phillip Beith, a Buffalo Ghostbuster. 

A pandemic project that brought a father and son even closer even though one of them wasn't a Ghostbuster fan. 

"(My dad George Beith) helped not only build my car, but Liberg's car," Phillip Beith said. "We were just like you're a member by default."

"Yes, I am (a fan now)," George Beith added. 

Some of the local companies that have helped to provide the right parts for the replicas include Cornerstone Emergency Equipment and Underground Wraps.

In a world where road rage seems to flourish, the two Ghostbuster cars are bringing out the best in drivers. 

"I have so many people on the road, flagging me down just giving me the thumbs up and honking their horns," Phillip Beith said. 

The Buffalo Ghostbusters may not be able to help you with a lingering soul, but if you need a little kindness, you know just who to call.

"Our love for Ghostbusters exceeds ourselves. It's just a gigantic family," Bednarz said. "We just try to make the community and giving back to everybody just universal."