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Atlanta mom of 4 gets hundreds of Christmas cards from Bills Mafia

Amy Zachery is a diehard Bills fan living in Georgia. This was her first Christmas without her husband, and her kids' first without their dad.

ATLANTA — A few weeks ago, Amy Zachery, an Atlanta mom of four, asked Bills Mafia to send Christmas cards to her kids. 

She's a diehard Bills fan, and she even passed the love of the team onto her kids and her husband, Zach.

At this time last year, Zach passed from kidney failure. 

This was the first Christmas that Zachery and her kids spent without Zach, making both Friday and Saturday hard for them. Zachery's kids didn't even want to put up a Christmas tree this year.

So to show her kids there's still hope and good people out there who care about them, she decided to ask for cards for them.

Bills fans from around the country sent countless cards to the Zachery family. Zachery says every day she went to go check her mailbox, it was overflowing with letters of well wishes.

Even classes from Lyndonville Central School and Barker Central School added to the piles of cards.

Zachery says everyone got her kids to laugh and smile on a day they didn't think they would. She says Zach would be so thankful to all of the Bills fans around the country who sent something. 

"He would be really grateful. It's been a really tough day. You just can't even imagine not having someone to open presents with and be here. I know he's proud of how hard we're trying, but I also know that he's so proud of all of these Bills fans that have reached out and tried to help us too," Zachery said.

"They say it takes a village, and I strongly believe without all of this love and support, we would have had nothing this Christmas to be joyful for, so I am truly appreciative to the Mafia."

Even Bills Elvis sent an autographed photo and some stickers to Zachery and her kids. She thanked everyone who took the time to be there for her family this holiday season.

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