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200 turkeys donated to Buffalo's neighbors on the west side

FeedMore Western New York gave them to West Side Community Services and West Side Promise Neighborhood to give away on Wednesday afternoon.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — FeedMore Western New York donated 200 turkeys to West Side Community Services and West Side Promise Neighborhood to give away and make life a little easier on some neighbors this Thanksgiving. 

"There's a lot of less fortunate people out here and anybody can fall on bad times and it really helps. It helps bring up your morale too," said William Miller. 

Miller is one of those neighbors who built his life on the city's west side needing a donation in the form of a costly bird.

"If I can get a turkey here, that means I can save a little bit here and there. I'm at that point, like cut a little bit here, save here," Miller said. 

Helping community members like him helps to alleviate stress. 

"If this wasn't here, and other events, this one too especially right in the neighborhood, I believe people who don't even have a car wouldn't have a turkey," Miller said. 

And even extends to the west side's youngest residents who don't know where there next meal is coming from. 

"There's always a kid that's carrying a turkey with a smile on their face," said Talia Rodriguez, West Side Promise Neighborhood associate director. "It's amazing to see that child eliminate that stress and just have the joy around being able to share it with their families."

"Having that Thanksgiving celebration around the table is critical to family and to building a community," said Crystal Selk, West Side Community Services executive director.

Creating those types of moments most families don't even have to think about never goes unnoticed. 

"Nobody cares about the people on the bottom. And I am on the bottom. They look out for us and really I'm gracious, I appreciate it," Miller said. 

The giving didn't stop there. 

Tuesday, West Side Community Services also partnered with Councilmember David Rivera to give out 80 turkeys. 

Greenlight Networks also provided some side dishes.