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Sticking to your New Year resolutions: Eating healthier

Studies have shown most of us humans throw in the towel in under a month, so as we creep into the middle of January, we thought we'd bring in some reinforcements.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — As we tackle one of the most popular New Year's resolutions, don't give up. Transforming our diets and even shedding a few pounds is normally at the top of someone's list when it comes to New Year resolutions.

Studies have shown most of us humans throw in the towel in under a month, so as we creep into the middle of January, we thought we would bring in some reinforcements.

"I have so many people that come in and instantly just, you can see the weight lifted off their shoulder, and so many people just break down crying because it's like they've been waiting for permission to eat," said registered dietitian Mindy Yoder, RDN, CDN, who is the Manager of Nutrition Services at Excelsior Orthopaedics.

"That's what brings me joy is helping people find that joy and satisfaction in food and life again."

While talking with Mindy, she didn't tell you what to eat or what to buy at the store. She didn't even say the words protein or dairy or carbs. Not even once. Instead she suggested slowing our roll, and not the cinnamon kind.

"So we usually start with, 'OK, where do you want to be long term?' And then kind of backtrack," Mindy said. "What we can start with today, and taking that pause to identify your lifestyle, your family dynamics, your work lifestyle, and just pick one or two things to work on at a time."

Mindy says what works for your friend or your neighbor or that stranger on Instagram may not work for you. She advises we take the time to lay a personal foundation for success.

"Our culture, our popular culture, our fad diets often tell us like, 'Hey, you should be able to just follow this plan, and you're going to meet your goal in six weeks or something.' It takes conversations, it takes trying it takes taking making mistakes," Mindy said.

"So having that conversation with your family, or co-workers, or whoever your support system is going to be is important so that they understand where you're coming from and where your goals are, and that they're not, you know, being too aggressive or, you know, saying the wrong things and supporting you in the way that you need."

It's easy to forget all of this actually falls under the heading of health care, meaning you can get a pro in your corner without breaking the bank.

"In many insurance plans, especially when you're looking at promoting significant weight loss, will offer a zero copay to meet with us in our office, which is a huge benefit. So you can do it for free, you know, before you spend hundreds of dollars on food products or systems. Do a check in with us first, we would love to meet with you," Mindy said.

A little friendly advice on something we know can be a struggle for so many and a reminder we can always start over: we always ask for help.

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