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Staying organized in the new year

Three quick tips on where to start- and how to stay organized throughout 2022.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — It's a new year. Now what?

Under normal circumstances, January is often the month where we fight the battle between wanting a fresh start and just needing a break. And that's probably even more true in 2022.

Organization expert Aly Luccari from Bright Organizing Solutions joined Most Buffalo to give us some tips on how to ease in to getting organized.

"Organizing is about being lazy. That's the goal," said Aly.

Tip one: Relax!

Whether you've got a crazy closet, a ghastly garage or just a particularly pesky junk drawer, Aly says there is hope. But before you dive in, dig deep into figuring out what will work for you. After all, she says it's your space and what works for someone else or looks good in a social media post may not work for you or your family in real life.

Tip two: Stop multi-tasking.

"Multi-tasking, the biggest hindrance for it is your brain doesn't process that you've done a task and that you've completed a task," said Aly. "So you may have done 10 things, but your brain doesn't know it. So go ahead and make a little cheat sheet, write them down, and then cross them off."

That way it feels like you've actually accomplished something.

Tip three: Save yourself some money.

Don't worry about buying a bunch of "stuff" just to get organized.

"For me, organizing supplies are garbage bags, rubber bands, Post-It notes and Sharpies. It's not fancy boxes and drawer dividers and things of that sort. They're the frosting on the cake once it's done, but during the process we don't need those," said Aly.

New for 2022, Aly's got a whole new way to help people get started.

"I consolidated all the questions that I ask in a two to four hour session into a workshop and people can answer them and they're answering them for them they're not answering them based on expectations. And then now they have all these answers when they go in and they start picking up their stuff they're going to know what to do with that," said Aly.

The workshop is Saturday, February 19th at 10am and there's an option to attend in-person or virtually. You can learn more about it, including how to sign up by going to the Bright Organizing Solutions Facebook Page.

For more cleaning tips, check out the videos below where Aly gives tips about how to attack spring cleaning in different parts of the house, or click here to view the web story.