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Spring cleaning: where to begin when you don't know where to begin

This week on Kate From Home, we're giving you some quick tips to help get you on track.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — With the spring comes some nicer weather, but also a chance for the thing we dread the most. Spring cleaning.

Before you panic, there's actually some things you can do to begin with.

"Put your blinders on and pick one spot, do something that you can say, 'This is a win for me,' " said Aly Lucarri, professional organizer and owner of Bright Organizing Solutions.

Aly says no one climbed Mount Everest in a day, and you definitely will not clean your whole house in a day. Aly has four tenets when it comes to organizing.

Number one: Keep the minimum plus one.

"So I like to use underwear. And if you do laundry once a week, you need seven pairs of underwear. So reality is, maybe you need 10 pairs," Aly said. "So your plus one is three. And you know, because stuff happens and laundry day doesn't always happen the same day every week. So minimum plus one, love it, has never failed me."

Number two: Keep what serves you.

Aly says if something has sentimental value and it makes your heart happy, keep it.

Number three: Find your truth.

"And that goes to be who you are," Aly said. "Don't live the way other people think you should live. Do you, everything's going to be OK."

Number four: Give with a joyful heart.

"I wrote this under the premise of letting go of our donations freely without that angst," Aly said. "Let it go. Let the universe figure out who it belongs to."

This is all just in the grand scheme of where to get started.

Something that stuck with us is this: all you need is five minutes. Five minutes to take on a corner and it's crazy to see what you can accomplish.

Believe it or not, the best time to clean out your closet is when you're doing laundry. Listen to Aly's reasoning below:

Don't know how to organize your pantry? Here's some quick tips:

Since we spent more time in the home office now more than ever, you probably gathered a lot of extra clutter. Here's where to begin:

It's the part of the house everyone asks Aly about the most. The basement. It's overwhelming, but if you focus on one corner at a time, it's a piece of cake! Listen to Aly's tips below:

If you want to get in contact with Aly, you can visit her website by clicking here.

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