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Second grade students talk about the future of McKinley Mall

Charlotte Avenue Elementary students in Hamburg took part in a school project challenging them to use their STEM skills.

HAMBURG, N.Y. — We all love fun ideas and some optimism. And both are in play here.

About a month ago, 2 On Your Side reported on an agreement for the sale of the McKinley Mall and the worries about what might happen to it. A few days ago, Mrs. Roberts from Charlotte Avenue Elementary School in Hamburg sent us a video we just had to share.

It's of her second grade class' school project that challenged the students to use their STEM skills, that's science, technology, engineering and math, to come up with some ideas of how to fill the malls empty spaces.

You can watch Kate Welshofer's reaction to the video above. To watch the full version of Mrs. Robert's class' ideas, watch the video below.