BUFFALO, N.Y. — Last month we took you inside Daddy's Plants -- a lovely, leafy oasis on Niagara Street in Buffalo. But there was something we didn't tell you while we were there.

Tucked inside the plush plant shop is a lush flower shop where creativity and business are blooming, and a curious dog keeps watch.

With one of the biggest petal-pushing holidays around just days away, we made a special trip to explore the Wildroot Floral Boutique.

Valentine's Day is owner Kayla Gaczewski's busiest time, second only, she says, to Mother's Day.

"I don't sleep that much this week at all, but it's a lot of fun," she says. "Valentine's Day is really interesting because it's a lot of people who don't really know flowers, which gets me the most excited because I'm able to bring them into our world."

To step into Kayla's world is to be instantly uplifted and inspired and even comforted. She knows, after all, it can be a little intimidating.

"Don't be scared," she says laughing. "It's so much fun! We're here to help!"

Anyone who steps over the threshold into Wildroot, will find themselves firmly planted in her dream.

"My design table's out, everything's visible so they can really feel like they're part of the crazy fun week."

Kayla is definitely someone you want in your corner, especially this time of year. Don't be surprised if she asks you a few questions.

"Tell me a bit about who the recipient this is going to: is it a new love, is it 50 years that you are celebrating, is it romantic, is it elegant, is fun and flirty and then that way we can build something specifically for them."

It's a personal touch you just can't get if you just order online, although Kayla has made it possible for you to just order online at wildroot-floral.com

She's thoughtful like that. 

And this business has been on her mind for some time. 

Following her heart the whole way, it's taken her to upscale flower shops in Massachusetts and Texas but ultimately the Lancaster native always knew she'd truly bloom in Buffalo.

"I learned a bit when I worked in Boston, I learned a bit more when I worked in Austin, I added a little bit of what I thought would work out too and I'm proud of it. I feel like I'm growing everyday. I not a formally trained florist so there's a lot of passion behind it."

A passion that helps mere mortals find just the right way to say just the right thing in those times when words are hard to come by.

Kayla and Wildroot boldly and beautifully inspire here in Buffalo thanks to their fine petaled friends.

"I'm excited about it and it keeps getting better and better for sure"

A bit of trivia: The name of Kayla's shop is an homage to Buffalo's Wildroot Hair Tonic legacy. She drove by the old factory on Bailey Avenue, saw the name and thought it made a perfect name.

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