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Author visits Western New York to collect unique experiences

Daniel Seddiqui is visiting all 50 states to better understand people and their passions.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — When we travel, we often make memories and buy souvenirs. But what if you made both?

That is the idea behind "A Piece of Your City," the latest adventure of Daniel Seddiqui.

One day in Seddiqui's life is one in a million for most of us; collecting unique experiences across the country, one major U.S. city at a time. It's a project of discovery he calls "A Piece of Your City."

"I worked at the first ever craft brewery in Portland," Seddiqui said. "Then I went down to Boston through Philadelphia, where I worked at the U.S. mint and made currency. So I have precious metals now at home. Then I took a break for a month because I have a 4-month-old daughter. And then I started this region."

Over the weekend, the California native found himself here in Western New York making books at the Roycroft.

"It's actually a hidden gem," Seddiqui said. "I'm so grateful that Visit Buffalo Niagara introduced me to them. We were just brainstorming ideas for a very iconic itinerary for my day there and they said 'You're an author. So why don't you go make a book?' And it actually used to be the printing capital of the U.S. I didn't that I didn't know the history of the founder and how it go started."

As he adds to his story, Seddiqui is fueled by tireless curiosity. He says he gets about four hours a sleep a night; which may seem daunting. But even if we can't keep that pace, we can follow in his footsteps.

"I'm just trying to inspire people to get out there and have hands-on experiences, it's the greatest way to learn and connect with locals and their passion and understanding each destination's history and culture," Seddiqui said.

One tip Seddiqui has when you're traveling is to check in with other visitors bureaus like he did here, because sometimes they can point you to a place you wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

If you want to learn more about Seddiqui and follow along with his adventures, check out his website by clicking here.